Pakistani Drama Serials

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Pakistani Drama Serials

Pakistani Drama Serials were made famous by PTV—the national television of Pakistan. Even during the black and white days of TV, PTV produced some excellent drama serials which set the standard very high for Pakistani dramas. Some of these TV series have become legend in their own respect where their popularity crossed borders, and made their way into all countries and constituencies where Urdu was understood.

Here on this website, we have reviewed the best of the work produced in Pakistan. This ranges from the hit TV serials like Aangan Tehran to the later days of Alpha Bravo Charlie.

Pakistani Drama Serials

The work is organized in categories such as TV serials and Long Plays. Search this website and you’ll definitely something worth watching!


Some people believe that PTV Drama Serials were a hit only because people didn’t have anything else to watch. While the statement about the limited choice is true, the deduction is not. I, for one, still enjoy watching many of these serials. However, this website is about Pakistani Drama Serials in general, and we’ll surely cover drama serials other than PTV’s old classics if we find something worth sharing.


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