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Alpha Bravo Charlie

Alpha Bravo Charlie Drama SeriesBack in 1998, as soon as the clock would approach 8pm, the streets would get deserted; the markets closed and everyone would confine themselves to their homes. No, the reason wasn’t the law and order situation. It was all due to Alpha Bravo and Charlie—the ISPR’s drama series—being aired by Pakistan Television Network (PTV) at that time.

Alpha Bravo Charlie was a sequel to Sunehray Din (سنہرے دن), though it can be seen as an independent TV serial in itself.

Direct by the acclaimed Shoaib Mansoor, it is the story of 3 Pakistan Army officers who came from completely dissimilar backgrounds yet became best friends. The drama involves romance and comedy while depicting the life of young army officers. The story very cleverly handles the relationship the three gentlemen with a single girl whom they all want to marry at different stages in their life. There are some episodes dedicated to the Pakistan Army’s military operations in Bosnian War and Siachin Conflict.

Cast of PTV Drama Alpha Bravo Charlie

Main Cast

  1. Faraz Ahmad played by Faraz Inam is son of a rich landlord. He is the best in terms of his academic and professional background but as the story unfolds, he is the one who doesn’t get the best chances.
  2. Kashif Krimani played by Captain Abdullah Muhammad is son of a senior Army officer. He is a happy-go-lucky sort of person who initially is least interested in his professional life but gradually starts to become more responsible.
  3. Gulsher Khan played by Captain M. Qasim Khan is son of a JCO (Junior Commissioned Officer) whose father dreamed his son to do better than himself, and the son fulfilled that dream.
  4. Shahnaz Sher played by Shahnaz Khawaja is the niece of a retired Lieutenant General. She is a Cambridge-educated elementary school teacher of special children and has her own philosophy of life.




Where can I watch it?

If you have a LoveFilm account, it’s coming soon to LoveFilm, as of Sep 2012.


Theme Song

آنکھیں دیکھتی رہ جاتی ہیں
سپنے دور نکل جاتے ہیں
اور سپنوں کا پیچھا کرنے والے
اپنے نام گنوا دیتے ہیں
کبھی الفا، کبھی براوو، کبھی چارلی


  1. Malik Ata Muhammad, Faraz’s father in the drama series, is a real landlord of Kot Fateh Khan.
  2. Farz Inam joined PAF as an Engineering Cadet but later quit. He later completed his MBA from LUMS and move to Dubai to work as a banker.
  3. Shahnaz Khawaja got married and move to the US after this drama series was finished.
  4. The cast was interviewed by Nadia Khan on Geo TV in Nadia Khan show.

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