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Ashir Azeem

Ashir AzeemAshir Azeem rose to fame in Pakistan in 1994 due to his super-hit action drama serial, Dhuwan (دھواں). Unbeknown to many, Ashir Azeem worked for Pakistan Customs, even when the Dhuwan was being recorded and aired on PTV.

His full name is Ashir Azeem Gill, though sometime people write his name as Ashar Azeem as well. Dhuwan was his only venture in the field of TV serials. He continued to work for Pakistan Customs until he got suspended. His last designation was Additional Director, Directorate of Post Clearance Audit, Karachi. That was the time when his name started appearing in news once again. It was due to a Customs Automation Project with the name of CARE. Some people severely criticize him due to his involvement and efforts related to the CARE project. Others think that the critics are the ones who don’t want to see Pakistan progressing.

He is said to have migrated to Canada, but then there were news of Ashir Azeem being reinstated by an FBR notification [document removed by FBR] on 1st Aug 2012.

He maintains an infrequently used Facebook account.

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