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Dhuwan by Ashar Azeem - PTV Drama SeriesPTV and action do not seem to mix well. But Ashir Azeem proved this wrong with his hit TV serial named Dhuwan. The drama was aired by PTV in 1994. It not only has an excellent story line, it’s one of its kind when it comes to outdoor shooting and action scenes.


Dhuwan has a short timeline where a group of five police commandos fight smuggling, narcotics and other illegal activities in the region of Baluchistan. The lead role was played by Ashir Azeem himself. Several of the other roles were done by new faces.


While the drama had lots of realism, the only grievance one can have is the way Information Technology (aka computer) has been used in this serial. However, back in the days it was aired, personal computers were not a household thing, and thus, the way technology had been used was not a hard sell.


The drama was directed and produced by Sajjad Ahmad. It was a production of PTV Quetta.


Main Cast

Ashir Azeem, Nazli Nasr, Nabeel, Nayyar Ejaz, Rohi, Asal Din Khan, and others.

  1. Azhar played by Ashir Azeem is a police officer (an ASP) who is given a special assignment to build a squad of five commandos. He is not a stereotypical officer; he relies more on this group than his office comrades. He makes use of information technology and lives a lavish life.
  2. Dawood played by Nabil is the closest of Azhar’s associates. He is good-humoured and remains loyal to Azhar. He is the first one who dies during a commando operation.
  3. Sara played by Nazli Nasr is a lady who becomes an acquaintance of Azhar during the course of events. It’s later revealed that she is also on a special mission of her own.
  4. Salman played by Nayyar Ejaz is the lead negative role. He runs the biggest racket in the region. He is the toughest opponent for Azhar.



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  1. Ashir Azeem worked in Pakistan Customs. He is recently reported to have emigrated to Canada. He was last interviewed by ATV in 2008.

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