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Humsafar Drama SeriesHumsafar (ہمسفر) is one of the most famous “modern” drama serials from Pakistan. When it was aired in 2011 by Hum TV, many people hailed it as a revival of Pakistani TV serials. Directed by Sarmad Sultan Khoosat of Teen Bata Teen fame, the series is actually based on a novel with the same name.


Humsafar is a story of a married couple, Asher and Khirad, and the interference in their matrimonial life by various members of the extended family. The couple does get married in the initial episodes of the series, but their relatives manage them to get separated by weaving a web of lies and deceits.

While the story might not appeal to mature audience, it’s the chemistry between the lead characters and the direction by Sarmad Khoosat which contributed to high ranking of the drama both within and outside Pakistan.


Main Cast

Fawad Afzal Khan, Mahira Khan, Atiqa Odho, Behroze Sabzwari, Naveen Waqar, Noor Hassan and others

  1. Asher Hussain played by Fawad Afzal Khan is the lead male actor. He is from a wealthy background.
  2. Khirad Ihsan is the lead female actor; the role is played by Mahira Khan. Khirad is Asher’s cousin, and comes from a humble background. Her character is that of  a simple and innocent girl.
  3. Behroze Sabzwari plays the role of Baseerat Hussain, Asher’s father. It’s Baseerat who brings his sister (Khirad’s mother) and Khirad to Karachi, to live with them. After the death of Khirad’s mother, Baseerat puts pressure on his son, Asher, to marry Khirad.
  4. Atiqa Odho plays the role of Farida. She is Asher’s mother. She has a big role to play in creating havoc in the life’s of Ashar and Khirad, once they get married. She eventually succeeds in getting Khirad ousted.
  5. The other cousin of Asher is Sara Ajmal (role played by Naveen Waqar). She wants Asher to marry her. She doesn’t leave the couple alone, even several years after they get married.


Where can I watch it online?

Hum TV has made all episodes of the serial available on Youtube!



The original novel, Humsafar, was written by Farhat Ishtiaq (1980-). She holds a degree in Civil Engineering from NED University, Karachi.

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