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Sona Chandi

Sona Chandi PTV DramaSona Chandi (سونا چاندی) is a classical PTV drama serial aired in 1983. It’s a light comedy enacted by Hamid Rana and Sheeba Hassan. They play the role of a couple who come from a small village to a city in search for work. Their fate takes them from one home to another, and while doing their work as servants, they solve various problems faced by the house-mates.

Sona Chandi is written by Manuu Bhai and directed by Rashid Dar.

The beauty of the play lies in the innocent personalities of Sona and Chandi and the humorous touch the play has. More than once, the story makes us see the life of relatively well-to-do families from the eyes of a poor couple.


Main Cast:

Hamid Rana, Sheeba Hassan, Jamil Fakhri and others

  1. Sona played by Hamid Rana is the simpler of the two. While he is straightforward and knows what’s good, he cannot stop himself from getting advice on all matters from his wife.
  2. Chandi played by Sheeba Hassan is more intelligent when compared with her husband. It’s her opinion which usually prevails over that of Sona.


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It’s said that the play was inspired by a real couple with the names of Sona and Chandi, from a place known as Kallur Kot in Punjab.

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