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Tanhaiyan – PTV Classic

Tanhaiyan - PTV ClassicTanhaiyan (تنہائیاں) literally means “the loneliness”. In fact, the Urdu word is stronger than its English counterpart. Tanhayian is a Pakistan drama serial, produced by Shalimar Recording Company (SRC), and originally played on Pakistan Television (PTV) in the 1980’s. It was written by Haseena Moin.

Tanhaiyan is the sotry of two sisters who lose their parents in an accident, and are shocked to know that their family was heavily in debt. Life is further upset when their family house is sold. Fortunately, an aunt makes arrangements for them to live with her.

The elder of the two sisters becomes determined to become rich and buy back their family house, and it’s her obsession with become financially sound versus the lack of attention she gives to people closer to her which is the main plot of the drama serial. Read More



Pakistani TV Drama Waris

Waris by Amjad Islam Amjad

Waris (وارث) by Amjad Islam Amjad is yet another PTV classic from 1980’s. It’s a story of a feudal lord, Chaudhary Hashmat, and depicts the greed and ruthlessness of feudal lords in rural Pakistan. Despite his cruelty and cunningness, the Chaudhary ultimately gets punished by fate.

The role of Chaudhary Hashmat is played by Mehboob Alam. He lives in Sikandarpur; he has a son and two nephews, and this small family has its ways to subdue entire Sikandarpur. As the story progresses, their land is under threat of compulsory purchase by the government for a new dam. The Chaudhary doesn’t vacate the place and meets a fatal end. Read More


Sona Chandi

Sona Chandi PTV DramaSona Chandi (سونا چاندی) is a classical PTV drama serial aired in 1983. It’s a light comedy enacted by Hamid Rana and Sheeba Hassan. They play the role of a couple who come from a small village to a city in search for work. Their fate takes them from one home to another, and while doing their work as servants, they solve various problems faced by the house-mates.

Sona Chandi is written by Manuu Bhai and directed by Rashid Dar.

The beauty of the play lies in the innocent personalities of Sona and Chandi and the humorous touch the play has. More than once, the story makes us see the life of relatively well-to-do families from the eyes of a poor couple.

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Ankahi PTV Drama SerialAnkahi (انکہی), which literally means “unsaid” is one of the most well-known drama serials of the 80’s. Like several other PTV drama serials of its era, the popularity of Ankahi grew out of Pakistan to all parts of the world where Urdu is spoken or at least understood.

The drama was broadcast by PTV in 1982. The play was written by Haseena Moeen and directed jointly by Shoaib Mansoor and Mohsin Ali.

Ankahi is a story of Sana Murad, a young girl with a mediocre background, who has big dreams. Her father dies when she is young, and that adds more to her problems, and consequently her desire to become rich gets even stronger. As luck would have it, she finally gets a job in a company. But she is not skilled in anything. Various hilarious situations arise due to her major blunders.

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Alif Noon

Alif Noon - Rafi Khawar and Kamal Rizvi

Left to Right: Rafi Khawar and Kamal Ahmed Rizvi

Alif Noon is a classical comedy series written by Kamal Ahmad Rizvi. The first season was telecast by PTV in 1965. It’s old yet it remains fresh even today. Several situations depicted in this series are applicable even to the modern times—something which is common between Alif Noon and the equally great Fifty-fifty. Read More